Run The Trap V$

Living in his hometown of San Diego, after falling out of school for personal reasons, DJ Maskuerade has been involved with the Trap Scene by showcasing his RUNTHETRAP mixtapes. As soon as summer began though, Maskuerade came across something fresh and new in the underground soundcloud community, Trap Music. A marriage between EDM and hip-hop, and it's making whoever it touches jump up on their feet and bounce. Since discovering this new style, Maskuerade has already released mixtapes and two Trap tracks on his soundcloud account, which all hit thousands of hits in a matter of a month! He has most recently come out with RUNTHETRAP V$, his latest mixtape of the most underground of Trap music, organized methodically, while influencing his taste in movies and television. Maskuerade will continue to produce new tracks/remixes in the future, and will be touring California, if not the entire US, and eventually the world, very very soon.

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