CutThroatKid - Real

Zach picked up drum sticks at the young age of six and never put them down. Rhythm became his passion, and he has followed it across numerous genres and experimentations since. From selling hip-hop beats produced on his first Macbook with Garageband to kids at high school and college to mixing, producing and creating his own mark with state-of-the-art tools for the raging Dubstep craze, CutThroatKid has made music his weapon for self-satisfaction and invigorating his listeners. Today, CutThroatKid is still producing tracks with a heavy influence of Rap and Hip-hop, but is bringing new sub-genres on the scene with his innovative injection of Dubstep and Electronica. He has a keen understanding of the engineering of sound, and as both Music Producer and DJ is applying techniques and concepts in original ways to create a whole new experience. And, with his recent lives sets at a variety of venues/clubs in Nashville and beyond, CutThroatKid is bringing his special touch to both studio and stage.

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