Micky Park - Chanel Round My Neck

DJs: So Japan
So Japan is a production team lead by co-founders (and producers) Kyle Micky Park Edwards, and Courcy Magnus. The duo met in College and shared an interest in popular music. A trip to Los Angeles to work with the artist M.I.A. lead the pair to relocate their headquarters to the west coast.

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1:13 PM September 10, 2013 tillamonsta said:

vote ^^^
4:29 PM September 6, 2013 666satan said:

m.i.a. tight
1:40 PM September 6, 2013 dualhazzard said:

not bad at all i'm diggin it unique style
12:04 PM September 6, 2013 tillamonsta said:

10:34 AM September 6, 2013 pesh22 said:

THis is gonna be dope!!!
3:15 PM April 19, 2013 eastlake500 said:

**** this mixtape it gone b trash anyways my nigga