Mike Gip - Garden State S#!T

Mike Gip is known for his slogan, "Let's Go Baby", as you will (if you haven't already) hear it in almost all of his songs. He is also known for his Jersey Club remixes to Robin Stone's "Show Me Love" featuring The Booty Bounce Club King, DJ Jayhood, Beyonce's "Dance 4 U" and many more. Mike's humble attitude allowed him to connect with a lot of well known Tri-State producers/DJs and hopes to have a promising future as a DJ/Producer. Mike Gip began making a mark in the Jersey Club world. Although Jersey Club Music was created in Northern New Jersey (Newark), that didn't stop Mike. Location didn't cause him to stop producing Jersey Club, although he's from Central New Jersey, which is a whole 45 minutes away from the Brick City.

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10:54 PM January 3, 2013 Niique_Niique said:

I'm from the G State and this **** go hard as hell
10:49 PM January 3, 2013 Rocktore said:

**** nice
12:10 PM January 3, 2013 tillamonsta said:

2:12 AM December 31, 2012 Vrazumov said:

This is F'n GARBAGE, my **** has better taste then this. How can you rep the G State with distastful music
5:56 PM December 30, 2012 sorwick said:

really bad
2:09 AM December 30, 2012 one87stobme via Mobile:

This some hot ****
9:46 PM December 29, 2012 vdubdriva919 said:

this is hot **** commin from the 919 NC plus 1
8:43 PM December 29, 2012 melparadise said: