White Knights (To Ridgecrest N Back)

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1:43 PM January 22, 2013 zellie2311 said:

yo gotti
10:19 AM December 18, 2012 DamnD7 via Mobile:

Gotti dat nigga...if you "dont like" why tf you click on his mixtape, #****Boy have a seat
7:47 PM December 17, 2012 gucciholic21 via Mobile:

I feel like that nigga gotti these **** niggas I don't like that's why I don't **** wit none of plumerville conway or morrilton niggas that's that **** I just don't like
7:18 PM December 17, 2012 turbo12 said:

**** that rap.beef *****h
9:05 PM December 16, 2012 Mr103rocky via Mobile:

I mess wit it I mess wit all his tapes I'm a fan so I mess wit it so as jeezy Gucci tip cuz I'm a fan I look past beef unlike sum niggas who don like jeezy cuz dat Gucci beef
5:03 PM December 14, 2012 drinafreebandz said:

mixtape wit 45 songs dat take 45 mins to listen to...
2:58 PM December 14, 2012 050thugz said:

Yo Gotti 1 Of The Best Out But This Compile Is Jus CM6 & CM7 2Gether!??
11:50 AM December 14, 2012 Dhawkdog said:

Really min songs