Talib Kweli - Get Familiar (The Blacksmith Mixtape Street Album)

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10:46 PM July 25, 2012 kingkwijibo said:

this ish popped up on my shuffle and got me back on it again
2:29 PM December 25, 2010 cor_head said:

yo dont slepp on this man this is true stuff lehgo
7:19 PM June 6, 2010 HazeSHK said:

Just started listening to Talib, im impressed...
8:36 AM May 3, 2008 DetoxIPD said:

talib is the realest rapper in the game, don't hate
10:49 PM September 6, 2007 BFro7 said:

better beats, you gotta be kidding me, all the production is straight fire, wake the **** up this is what hip hop needs
1:00 PM September 3, 2007 juicy07 said:

This is my nigga
11:43 AM August 28, 2007 scoop32 said:

real music is back
10:35 PM August 27, 2007 sykwitit09 said:

he needs better beats straight up cant hear him most the time