Grip Plyaz - Purp X Wind X Fire

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11:26 AM April 10, 2013 rugbydude3 via Mobile:

Ayyyyy im fugginhudumarrow haha every track wit trinidad bangs
11:15 PM January 6, 2013 marshknotts said:

jakie joyner kersee we be running through these hos
8:04 PM December 15, 2012 TEEWIRE69 said:

Aaaa mane, I fucs wit Trinidad so now I guess I gotta fuc wit dis, cause dis **** hot mane!I popped a molly i'm sweatin WOW...
2:18 PM December 14, 2012 Mimiriddle10 said:

Hey man, every album aint for everybody.... The **** is tight to me...Dope and DIFFERENT sounds like nobody else... "Died In Yo *****" is fuggin awesome
2:12 PM December 14, 2012 eastsidekris said:

dope ****
5:59 AM December 14, 2012 irobhoes said:

dis **** HORRIBLE.....bra dont sound like he into his own music... y df should we be??? adlibs weak as **** "yo" da beats suck...mixins bad.... should've put more work into yoself n yo mixtape
1:10 AM December 14, 2012 gosster816 said:

this dope af