Goon Life Entertainment - Dirty Indiana

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4:33 PM December 23, 2012 shootie24 said:

Im know you be puttin on for the Westside, i used to stay on 38th Street. I stay farther West now. On my grind. Try n get at me for real. We gon put on for the 317. Fo real fo real.
4:31 PM December 23, 2012 shootie24 said:

Shoutout DJ Black, Puttin on for the Nap, i see you homie. My nigga cousin Foota signed to yo label. Hit me up, im crazy on the keys. Tell Foota to call Fatman and get my number on the real.
8:07 PM December 17, 2012 Crayzbam226 said:

DJ. Black DJ 24 turn up!!! Dirty Indiana Midwest!!!