KE On The Track - EDM Nation 2

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5:12 PM March 18, 2014 deadevan said:

i like his electronic music more than his hip-hop beats
12:00 PM January 31, 2013 deenobangthatscrew said:

Lol 1up worthy
8:22 PM January 8, 2013 yupyupforsho via Mobile:

Wtf has gotten into KE? Dude is grinding and making beats like a straight BEAST!!! His beats are hella different! He's changing the game!
1:00 AM January 7, 2013 reedikinz said:

I followed KE making beats from myspace days, this guy grind hard!
5:58 PM January 6, 2013 vdubdriva919 said:

1:10 PM January 6, 2013 mjac23 via Mobile:

Dark side that **** future
1:59 AM January 6, 2013 8VxA8 said:

Flex Squad >>>>
trapstep at its finest
6:16 PM January 5, 2013 tmacthagreat said:

i like that KE is ****in with dub/techno. and im my opinion. he runnin away with it. I love the hip-hop style mixed with techno/dub. I also really enjoy the light (feel good tracks) with vocals.