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Denzil Porter - Porter's Pot

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Score: 58
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Uploaded 12/20/2012
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1:12 AM May 13, 2015 DenzilPorter said:

Thanks for checking it out, If i would have seen the comments i would have warned those to let them know..Drama actually DOES host it... listen, learn, speak,.. thanks yall! #OneLove
1:04 AM January 8, 2013 IAmTheMan_1547 said:

This mixtape Is Fye As Hell...**** Is Yall On ???
3:37 PM January 2, 2013 Geezs said:

My Nigga U Did Ur Thing @LoveGeezs
4:00 PM December 27, 2012 VMG_BenaKing said:

this mixtape huff *** ****.... and it's bogus for saying Dj Drama...anyway check out my video Ben A King - HardBody if ya'll wanna hear some real ****.....S.Q.U.A.D.

5:12 PM December 25, 2012 scion0that0kid said:

This a real nigga right here ima vouch for him cuz i know em. Real rap, here it is...What the **** you niggas askin for?
3:04 PM December 22, 2012 Cooleyboy2009 via Mobile:

I like dude. Real rap, not that bubble gum **** u hear on the radio
4:10 PM December 21, 2012 Waters_ave912 said:

yall actin like *****es cuz , da tape tough af . just listen to da whole damn thing
8:33 AM December 21, 2012 luckyluchiiano via Mobile:

This about aight tho...word up