Fix Your Face Radio 21

DJ Noodles links up with Trukfit to present the 21st edition of the Fix Your Face Radio mixtape series, celebrating DJ Noodles signing with Trukfit as an official Trukfit DJ. A bunch of new exclusive Noodles remixes, along with heat from all the biggest names in Hip Hop. Fix Your Face & Pay Attention!

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12:05 AM April 4, 2013 lilwormen said:

im wokin
10:43 AM December 24, 2012 omarkg21 via Mobile:

Good morning on that **** ,, red bone *****es
1:04 PM December 23, 2012 sawyersmorgan said:

Soon as I heard #3 It gave me suicidal thoughts. He should put a warning label on his music. Do Not Listen may cause severe sadness for the artist you are hearing.
12:47 PM December 23, 2012 sawyersmorgan said:

2 Chainz is rapping again. Thank God!!! His music got played out so quick. But He's back YYEAAHH.. Future always on point.
11:24 PM December 22, 2012 mjac23 via Mobile:

# 20
11:22 AM December 22, 2012 Young_Diego via Mobile:

His girls r gay just playing this go hard
10:07 AM December 22, 2012 Palmerin3 said:

Wtf why isn't this **** downloading?
5:07 AM December 22, 2012 datziggidy said:

gay niggas like this ****