Ozy100 - Doomsday

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3:24 PM September 10, 2014 tmfboy said:

sht go hard when dat cocaine gee mixtape droppin
2:55 AM January 7, 2013 misswettkat said:

im so in love with this guy OMG!!! "put the head in" yes!!! I love it
10:04 AM January 3, 2013 yuknowme13 said:

THis mixtape go hard! I've been playing it for the last 3 days
10:51 AM December 29, 2012 traptalk305 said:

this mixtape go hard..we fux wit you down here in Miami! #RainbowRacks
11:37 AM December 27, 2012 Calikidd09 said:

shyt go hard! "Like a Dawg" is my shyt Ball out, Round and Making moves
3:50 PM December 26, 2012 whiteboy718 said:

lol "put the head in" good shyt I'm feelin your style man! you have a new fan bro!
1:06 PM December 26, 2012 Jasmine305 said:

i love track 14 "put the head in" and "Round" **** it i love the whole mixtape lol
4:07 PM December 25, 2012 rashad1980 said:

Go head BRO good ****