M!NT - The Signature EP

Born from the roots of hip-hop and raised on 808 kicks and fluid melodies, the latest project from the young, but seasoned producer now known as M!NT strives to break the boundaries of genre. Over the last half decade, M!NT has spent his time on an intense musical journey, growing his already broad musical background into what is heard in his sounds today. With tunes that reach out and grab you, M!NT produces more than just sound waves, M!NT creates an experience. As a multi-instrumentalist, M!NT incorporates different levels of emotion into the structure of his music, always staying conscious of his environment and playing to the energy of his fans. Never limiting himself to one specific set of sounds and never concentrating on one genre for too long, M!NT's versatility is what sets him apart from other producers. M!NT is here to change the game, all the while aiming to keep his former identities irrelevant allowing the music to speak for itself. Releasing a new track each week since the unveiling of the M!NT project back in August, the growth of M!NT's popularity is evident through the organic increase of M!NT's Facebook fans from zero to over 3,200 & his achievement of reaching over 30,000 plays on Soundcloud. It is clear that M!NT is bringing in 2013 with a bang.

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