Green TakeOva 2013 (Hosted By Miss Chigga)

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3:38 AM December 8, 2013 BigNorthC said:

We see you! nc, rockin with you all they way!! keep it going!
6:11 AM March 12, 2013 BethLandon said:

I like this mixtape im in ohio and never heard none of this stuff!!! Atlanta got some good music!
10:02 PM March 11, 2013 Zone6_souja404 said:

Been following this movement for a while. Salute!
2:05 PM March 5, 2013 ToniBella1 said:

i got my copy at Club palace in alabama! thanks miss chigga!
1:43 PM March 5, 2013 YoungWunLyrics said:

how can i get on the next one
1:36 PM March 5, 2013 TrapOrDie22 said:

Still ridin to this ****! going to try to put a show together for some of the artists they hot shoutout to misschigga and djknight when the next one comin
12:22 PM February 18, 2013 Gradybaby1000 said:

we betta hear Zay T on da next one ..........
12:21 PM February 18, 2013 Gradybaby1000 said:

jumping out da gym !!!!!!!!!!