Club God

My Name DJ Bake a 16 Year Old Club DJ ! Im Come From The Capital Of New Jersey Where Club Music Is Known But Not Known From ! So I Changed That , & Started To Make My Own Club Music ! Now Im Known DJ : Came From Nothing To Something ! The Meaning Behind this mixtape is self exploretary ; I dont think im the god of club , but wanting to become one , like having my own temple . I Teamed up with DJ damage from 107.9 Philly & Did this mixtape. New DJ Bake Music ;

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9:46 PM January 14, 2013 Zurone said:

that break yo back sick as ****kkkkkkkk!!!!!
1:39 AM January 13, 2013 Zapata11 said:

Club God? smh
8:50 AM January 11, 2013 Vermin_ said:

gucci mane gonna be pissed
2:39 PM January 4, 2013 ivrplayer1 said:

Beat King gonna be PISSED
3:49 PM January 3, 2013 beats2012 said:

this is gucci manes trap god mixtape cover they just changed the name
12:22 PM December 27, 2012 pesh22 said:

Love The Cover