Chooky - Back To The Future EP

Rooted in hip-hop and flared with pop, Chooky, is recreating his sound to match his newly found passion for electronic music. With a handful of official remixes now under his belt and support from names like Benny Bennassi, Marcus Shulz, Sazon Booya and companies like Subdrive, Strictly Rhythm, and Big Vision, Chooky sheds an alternative, electronic light over his already established world of hip-hop and pop. Influenced by this generation’s rising music genre of house, dubstep and drum & bass, Chooky feeds off the energy created by the culture of the music. From thousands of pulsing hands at music festivals, to the raw passion seen at small venues, Chooky wants to experience it all. Starting his musical career as a drummer at the age of 6 and quickly moving into the studio as a producer and engineer, Chas “Chooky” Derr has proved himself fit to explore most any musical landscape. After 5+ years of producing for local artists, Chooky has started mixing tracks for shows that he is headlining himself. Chooky’s newest mixes are dance inspiring and heavy hitting, drawing from his work in the hip-hop industry and his appreciation for electronic musical compositions.

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