Terrific Kush - T & A (Thoughts & Acid)

As a young boy growing up in Maryland, Terrific Kush did not envision himself as a rapper when he was eight and playing around with music. It was not until the tender age of 13 that he even began to take it seriously. The reason why? Girls. The attention from his budding counterparts spurred the young Terrific Kush into a writing frenzy. Taking the time to write and record his first mixtape by age 15 entitled "I'm Still Not Signed" landed the aspiring rapper his first big break. Traveling to New York and meeting Chris Brown, Terrific Kush became a part of his entourage alongside G.O.O.D. Music artist Teyana Taylor. Opening up for acts such as Bow Wow, Omarion, and Sammie gave the rising star the stage experience needed to round out his arsenal of talent. But something was missing from his music, so he retreated from the demands of touring to focus and perfect his craft. In the midst of his hiatus, Terrific Kush found himself writing for other indie artists. During this time he discovered his uncanny ability to "manipulate women" and became a pimp. According to Terrific Kush, he had "the music and the bitches", all that a young man needs. Four mixtapes later, with a name that buzzes in the street and an expanding fan base, the 22 year old is preparing to drop another mixtape, "Pyschadelic Pimpin". Teaming up with producers such as Neiko and Tone P, Terrific Kush delivers real music with a sound he defines as "incomparable". Holding nothing back in lyrics, Terrific Kush brings a much needed element to today's music, originality.

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