Dark Dred - Fake Drop

Dark Dred was born and raised in the birthplace of Trap music, Atlanta, Ga. His music combines traditional Atlanta crunk and trap rap beats and sounds, with both energetic and soothing/soulful harmonies and melodies. He's shared the stage w/ local Atlanta staple dj's like Mayhem, HPNTK and Ployd. Currently djing, producing and engineering, He hopes to spread his musical message to masses one track at a time.

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12:28 PM January 16, 2013 wvj6995 said:

4:47 PM January 15, 2013 shop3001 said:

nice man you know they gonna take this
8:56 AM January 15, 2013 unvme5 said:

U need ta fuk wit @5Dred
6:49 AM January 15, 2013 vdubdriva919 said:

fyah +1
11:18 PM January 14, 2013 tillamonsta said:

3:29 PM January 14, 2013 Mr_Ese_B said:

2:47 PM January 14, 2013 chevalieroliver said:

shouldn't have dropped this mixtape