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Doobie & Big Ben - 2 For 1 (Money Motivated)

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Score: 137
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Uploaded 01/26/2013
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Doobie and Big Ben Atlanta's hottest new duo presents to the world their highly anticipated debut mixtape entitled 2 For 1 (Money Motivated). With special features Yung Booke (D.O.P.E), Kief formerly known as JR Get Money, Young Ralph, F.L.Y, and Production by Slim C, Young Mercy, Paper Boy, K.E on the track, Loyaltee, Kritical Perfexion, and Black Keys.

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3:04 AM May 1, 2013 Lil_Dawg262 said:

I think if u nigga did sound like u was in a basement!! The score be higher..
7:59 PM February 16, 2013 kishcole12 said:

And how da **** gucci maine hav the highest score on here this nigga cant rap & retarded... o i guess cuz he country *** hell 2...????
7:52 PM February 16, 2013 kishcole12 said:

This **** still goin in!! And y do all da country *** niggas luv hating...(Arkansas) what rapper from there..really dis livemixtape **** aint real nigga be buyin scores and
5:56 PM February 16, 2013 joecalito said:

That Nigha Yo..i see ya yo aka doobie #Oc4L
11:13 AM February 14, 2013 sqad91 said:

**** only 109 points get dese clowns outa here!!!!!!!
1:28 PM February 13, 2013 jbslayer said:

Arkansas in this hoe *****... Dat **** whack yall quit lying to them .
1:26 PM February 13, 2013 cjhallstar via Mobile:

**** doobie and big ben!! Arkansas *****
5:50 PM February 12, 2013 Stantonrdjuju said:

dem boyz aint play. its they time to shine!!!! ZONE 4 HERE