Dolla Cha$e - Mandatory

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2:37 AM February 5, 2013 dondiggs78 said:

Get wit it if not ****em ALL!!!!!!!!!
11:16 PM January 28, 2013 ImKSWISS said:

Dope as ****....i fux wit you bro
3:02 PM January 28, 2013 TypicallyTee said:

I love the album!!! Keep doin it. And ur ***y *smiles*
3:29 AM January 28, 2013 brianacod4 said:

not impressed
12:46 PM January 27, 2013 dudedasmyname via Mobile:

**** hot! #theveland #dealwitit and tokyo drift you ****in fried bruhhh! Went out yo way to be seen! **** you lil.buddy.
10:20 PM January 25, 2013 tokyo_democrat_ said:

I didnt know you were going to have your ****** soaked in blood you want some midol?
9:35 PM January 25, 2013 longwood33 said:

As you can se on the album art it's actually D.C. but since **** niggas like you dont know how to search for **** we felt that was more identifiable.
9:34 PM January 25, 2013 longwood33 said:

Ask the nigga like a man where he got his name from or do some research. **** boy ***.

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