Kool John - Peace, Love & Shmoplife

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2:02 PM June 25, 2015 dVni93fdez said:

Summer Jam
1:43 PM April 15, 2014 joAmo said:

The most favorite line to ever come out, "I'm on the grind, so I don't talk to much." - Kool John off "Five Panel" Hands down they all went in on that, Suzy Six Speed and F.L.I.P.
8:26 PM March 12, 2014 SaYeiTainTdoN said:

Hell yea Kool John is coldest out!
10:15 AM December 13, 2013 WestCoastFunkLA said:

Yall niggaz bout that bull**** talkin all that mess, out here hatin and ****...LA 2 Da Bay All Day...California runs **** cuhz
1:43 PM May 12, 2013 ColdWorldHustler said:

6:06 PM April 4, 2013 keatonpluskim via Mobile:

2:12 AM March 26, 2013 doopy4448 said:

I don't know who this dude is I just randomly found this tape but this is one of the best new tapes on here, dude just copped a new fan! #Abg #blatt
11:16 AM March 22, 2013 MaCtRe said:

kool john, good chit bruh! keep that Yay area chit mobbin!!

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