Stizzy Get Bizzy - COD 2 (Back Blocks)

DJs: DJ Hood
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4:32 AM January 20, 2013 datziggidy said:

ima play zombies and listen to too short,this mixtape was a miss
10:36 PM January 19, 2013 MightyDaMightiest said:

MONEY TEAM ***** TDDUP ALL DAY..........REAL NIGGAZ STAND THE **** UP, ***** NIGGAZ SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!!!!!
7:37 PM January 19, 2013 DjChezyChez said:

Yo Stizzy this **** is hot TDDUP for life, Singing off POPS
2:31 AM January 19, 2013 DMP96 said:

the streets need this...yall n****z say.. thank you!!!
1:50 AM January 19, 2013 savlvi said:

checked out that video this dude sounds good wanna hear the mixtape now
3:23 AM January 18, 2013 datziggidy said:

this **** looks good,but er body knows call of duty blak ops 2 is the ****,i play zombies and smoke den order a pizza and get on multiplayer then bak on zombies,
3:19 PM January 16, 2013 SouthSideShort said:

I see my nigga poppin! TDDUP Allday