Robin Carnage - Optx EP

Robin Carnage is a 19-year-old producer/musician working out of Nashville, TN. What separates Robin Carnage's music from trending producers, is that his songwriting (although lyric-less) conveys distinct emotions. Most of his works to date have been about anxiety, substance abuse, and a longing peace found behind closed eyes (ie. the theme of optics - optx). Robin offers a lyric from Ozzy Osbourne: "How could I mistake myself for someone, who lives behind my eyes".

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3:07 AM January 21, 2013 AlwaysScubaDivin said:

this isnt bad at all but alot of the **** on this sight isnt even the dopest trap **** coming out. i feel like they have to step there game up to keep this site a float
1:16 PM January 18, 2013 Fuxwithtrap said:

WOOO and T.I joint, **** yeah!
1:15 PM January 18, 2013 Fuxwithtrap said:

**** under cover hater bruh. Killed that Zeppelin remix! thanks for that track
12:41 PM January 18, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said: