Consequence - Movies On Demand 4


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7:11 PM March 29, 2014 Lovely_Diamonds23 said:

#10 Is My ****
9:32 PM January 28, 2013 1984bandito said:

I downloaded this tape and DAMN. Consequence is a hell of a writer, rapper, he picks good beats and he is a vantruilaquist(GHOST WRITER). Waitin' on an album!
12:19 PM January 26, 2013 dqs75 via Mobile:

This mix tape go hard .. Cons is the ****!
6:39 PM January 25, 2013 Jlg420yea said:

consequence is alright but he needs to stay on T.V. no money here for him hes a ghost writer for a reason his voice is to commom and has the appeal of broccoli without cheese
12:43 PM January 24, 2013 marcopolo said:

This nigga got some BIG *** teeth i didn't even click on the mixtape cover and i seen them *****es!!!
6:38 PM January 23, 2013 smokefire21 said:

6:36 PM January 22, 2013 whomacy said:

All Love
3:27 PM January 22, 2013 tealovely via Mobile: