Partee - Money Ball

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2:28 PM January 4, 2014 JedTheFed said:

partee is straight trash, on top of that scheming $$ of shows, you wrong for dat **** partee. he ripped off alot of ppl when lord infamous died too, he kept their money and said **** you and kept it
11:29 AM February 25, 2013 tmacthagreat said:

som1 needs to get wyte back on his feet and back spittin lyrical hot ****. im ****ing with frayser boy and wyte. always have.
5:26 PM February 20, 2013 yungstar017 said:

Man i can't believe this was ur finished product... STRAIGHT TRASH...
9:26 AM February 5, 2013 bloodraw309 said:

partee go hard on this saltute to king of BHZ WMR 309
1:23 PM February 4, 2013 11roop2423 said:

hell yea fire just waiting on some new shamrock,lil wyte,j-green, lil awree,and loco
1:59 AM February 4, 2013 datziggidy said:

this is cool,ima download it for my retarded dog,she like dum ****
3:11 PM February 3, 2013 williamisafake said:

2:45 PM February 3, 2013 one8seven said: