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Travi$ Scott - Owl Pharaoh

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Uploaded 05/21/2013


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6:14 PM February 10, 2017 710damadogg via Mobile:

I dont hear really any kanye influence in any of this. Trav is on his own level. If anything theres kid kudi influence on this. Absolutely fire! **** the haters Trav!
1:18 AM October 27, 2015 shootie24 via Mobile:

This so bad, idk why he slumped way down on this Kanye West bs.
5:15 PM October 14, 2015 Prnella via Mobile:

Already this Mixx tape is the ****
10:31 AM September 1, 2015 MrCrshaw said:

If you like Kanye West, you'll love Travis Scott. I'm not saying all his music is identical to dude, more like fraternal.
1:32 PM April 19, 2015 Ernestog3 via Mobile:

Straight from mexico call her QUINTANA!
1:34 AM June 4, 2014 rawdawgBT10 via Mobile:

9:06 AM May 2, 2014 manebruhfoo said:

STRAIGHT UP!!!!!!!!!!
10:00 AM November 16, 2013 Lovens via Mobile:

$traight Up... You next my nigga.