Certified Trap 2

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'Certified Trap 2' is the next installment of Trap-A-Holics EDM 'Certified' series. In early 2012, Electronic Music artists began tagging their Trap inspired productions with Trap's infamous "Damn Son" drop. ClubTapes reached out to Trap-A-Holics to bridge the gap between the Hip Hop and EDM communities. The 'Certified' series serves as an olive branch, providing an outlet where both genres can be represented correctly, approved by the street's ultimate co-sign, Trap-A-Holics. The mixtape also serves as the official soundtrack to the 'Certified' web series.

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6:27 PM April 13, 2013 Hazerdous804 said:

1:58 PM March 11, 2013 Asian808Music said:

11:35 PM March 1, 2013 jayemh said:

This is Bangin' like cripz & Bloodz!
12:39 PM February 12, 2013 ksky007s via Mobile:

3:57 PM February 6, 2013 We_Trippy_Mane said:

@BlackLurch F16 aka the piolet. he raps with the squad and does most of there artwork mang.
8:06 PM February 5, 2013 ATan8 said:

I like it! more of this.
2:54 PM February 5, 2013 BlackLurch via Mobile:

Who did this artwork for the cover
11:46 AM February 5, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said: