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12:28 PM February 6, 2013 taiaikens said:

She has a ***y voice and unique sound. I like it, It's hot. I'm downloading this.
3:29 PM February 4, 2013 Natc601 said:

Im Sorry But its Not For Me
3:16 PM February 3, 2013 jeffcoleisahoe said:

needs work
12:41 PM February 2, 2013 kiddshortbeats via Mobile:

i like this
10:43 AM February 1, 2013 tonyesco via Mobile:

Luv it. She has a nice voice
7:20 PM January 31, 2013 dhamprse said:

Unique voice but you need better material from the beats to the lyrics. You should not do so much writing yet until you find your voice and lane which i think would be more jazzy r&b and pop feel.
9:01 PM January 30, 2013 liljosh2 via Mobile:

No 1 is trill!
1:36 PM January 30, 2013 Savegelife25 via Mobile:

Number 3 cool
Keep it up