Jha Jha - Best Of Mixtape

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1:55 AM February 2, 2013 laramie said:

all ya haterz Get From Round Me ha hez z
7:34 PM February 1, 2013 freemixtapefanonly said:

This is the WACKEST mixtape from a tranny looking rapper female i have ever heard on here to date,period!!!!!!!!!!
4:51 PM January 31, 2013 Tonyah90 said:

she shouldve been dropped this when she was with dipset
11:15 PM January 29, 2013 LilAntdamob said:

There Was Already A Chick Name Jai Jai So WTF Lls...
4:30 PM January 28, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

4:52 PM January 27, 2013 gwolla said:

the ***** is butt azz ugly
4:31 PM January 27, 2013 antoniorogers said:

****set old school need new fresher platinum joint
11:30 AM January 27, 2013 allstar12 said:

wow wdf has she been? smh now u wanna drop mixtapes when u are irrelevant? Her *** shouldve been droppin em when she was hot lol

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