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Nasty Mane - K.U.S.H.

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Score: 203
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Uploaded 04/22/2013
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3:40 PM October 4, 2013 HollywoodRon said:

I listened to it again not as biased as I was before... Its alright Lil Awree shouldve produced his whole mixtape tho
2:35 PM October 4, 2013 HollywoodRon said:

corporatemob... Its really not.. Im sure half of us saying this is wack could do better. Dont confuse being lucky with talent.. That nigga got a lucky break..
2:32 PM October 4, 2013 HollywoodRon said:

Logged in to vote this down.. tired of this nigga ****ing up All of Project Pat's new ****
9:20 PM August 5, 2013 liltista via Mobile:

Great mix tape!! Hands down
10:50 PM July 28, 2013 seand0n said:

THIS **** IS ****IN WACK AF YO! nasty mane you aint memphis bruh
3:44 PM May 27, 2013 davonj1234 via Mobile:

This **** wack
4:26 AM April 30, 2013 corporatemob via Mobile:

This **** is too hard forget what all you haters talking bout it's crazy how you can voice opinion but yet y'all not doing **** so I say sit down don't know body care what you got to say
3:27 AM April 30, 2013 BiGtYmEr300 said: