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3:49 PM July 12, 2013 cicoboypo said:

this is straight booooo-boooooo ahahahaha this n*gga raps like 50 Tyson!
6:45 PM February 12, 2013 yo5dime27 said:

You guys are haters lol same people just keep commenting the same thing.. get with it or get lost
3:16 PM February 12, 2013 knightchild said:

Gar.... BAge
11:11 PM February 10, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

str8 garbage
6:02 PM February 10, 2013 booman12 via Mobile:

The best in Cleveland is Bill$ Cardinal idk why he not signed yet he's next to blow!
3:14 PM February 9, 2013 johanradwanski said:

8:53 PM February 8, 2013 Dojjah said:

I'm from Cleveland, sorry.
4:11 AM February 8, 2013 Dreadkat35 via Mobile:

2pac swag? Okay I'm finna check it out this bet not be no bull****

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