Ducky Smallz - Duck Tales (Presented By Rossi Mafia & The Good Guys)

Rossi Mafia in association with The Good Guys (DJ Steph Floss and Meel) present the debut project from Cleveland native Ducky Smallz entitled Duck Tales Vol. 1

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5:32 AM September 2, 2013 LouiGucciPrada via Mobile:

Dis nigga name ducky smallz..... You already know dis **** wack
12:08 PM April 30, 2013 Hennie said:

Nigga Nice.
11:36 AM April 28, 2013 KingDB4 via Mobile:

What up to all my Cleveland niggas. I get in Ohio lol.
10:39 AM March 28, 2013 J101 via Mobile:

St. Clair my witness, ain't no pretending name a hood name a block they a say i did it!!
7:17 PM March 17, 2013 tonytouch88 said:

prod nice beats okay feats had better verses not sold on him sound is boring to me right now just look like anotha cat who wanna rap that has $$ behind him so he put this out for 216 no hating just CC
2:12 AM March 7, 2013 JKhronic said:

I dig it Pretty good video to start im about to listen to full thing now
Cleveland Respect Tho!
1:55 AM March 7, 2013 yomdog said:

Rossi Mafia.
11:28 PM March 2, 2013 brandon77800 said:

omg nigga looks like Spaceghostpurp