Johnny Rain - L.O.M. (Lullaby Of Machine)

Featured INDY Re-Release

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11:10 AM April 28, 2015 Lakaye via Mobile:

Last night was amazing
11:34 PM February 8, 2015 Lakaye via Mobile:

Come here
6:50 PM November 2, 2013 shebadnews via Mobile:

Nice work not Better then party next door tho
3:45 AM July 30, 2013 JKF980 said:

brilliant mixtape, this dude is the ****
1:15 PM May 11, 2013 shaneg9 said:

this guy wow... with The Weeknd , Frank Ocean , JMSN , The Dream and many other's ... The future seem's brilliant for real RnB music.
12:43 AM April 29, 2013 thegirlofdreams said:

I didn't know who this man but i listen to one song and he had me hooked after that. Had to get this mixtape.....good job to him.
2:01 PM April 24, 2013 ichelisi5 via Mobile:

He kindah has frank ocean attitude, &'nd style . no where near the weekend I think he can be more compared Frank ocean.
6:47 AM April 24, 2013 wes_conceited11 via Mobile:

Simply Amazing