Blake Kelly - Songs About Girls

Every man deals with love differently Blakes case he lets out his emotions on 9 songs just for the ladies ..whether mad sad happy or in the mood these tunes are sure to get your valentines day started and finished.

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12:44 PM February 20, 2013 taiaikens said:

This rides, bumping it right now.

and whats with all the hate? trolls came out today huh?
12:19 AM February 19, 2013 504KING504 said:

Good beats--Good Rhymes.
12:10 PM February 18, 2013 lilchuck113 said:

this kinda of nice yal hatin
6:33 AM February 18, 2013 moparman2010 said:

kinda dope
9:49 AM February 17, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

terrible ****
9:57 PM February 16, 2013 djtayjames said:

guys hate ladies love
7:52 PM February 16, 2013 cheef1 said:

number 2 the only one i could stand
7:50 PM February 16, 2013 cno2828 said:

hahaha some dude said this tape smells