Kris Kasanova - 24K

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2:53 PM April 10, 2013 chillg said:

brain on drugs is my favorite.Your style and delivery is on point too. Don't let the haters change what you do man cause this project is dope!
6:41 PM April 7, 2013 Parental_Joke said:

I don't understand how people could even think that this is garbage! Boy **** the haters this is amazing, please don't change your style for anybody. It's dope!
11:31 PM March 18, 2013 paulywalnutz86 via Mobile:

Nice tape! Kid has potential ...picture me rollinnnggg!!!!
8:07 PM March 18, 2013 caiush said:

gaybach music
3:24 PM March 15, 2013 DevinJ513 said:

Flatbush reppin
4:48 PM March 14, 2013 wizzleman24 said:

hot garbage
3:08 PM March 14, 2013 kveve777 said:

Kris Went Hella Hard On This Tape! Needs More Votes!
10:53 PM March 13, 2013 Haydenz13 said:

worth a download