Jamskillet - Heartless

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7:28 PM April 14, 2013 mell850 said:

this really isn't bad
2:06 PM April 5, 2013 frogman12 said:

ha u talking bout how u got bullied and laughed at???? i know u personally bro u were the biggest tooool in high school. u were the one who was all popular n **** doggin dudes like me quit pretending
10:24 AM March 8, 2013 Young_Paid6 said:

he go hard af this is what you call good music he sound better then any black rapper i know and lil wayne, ace hood my favorite rapper
1:21 AM February 28, 2013 datziggidy said:

9:07 PM February 27, 2013 Redmond0706 said:

THIS **** GAY!
8:49 PM February 27, 2013 efox5 said:

mad good message bro
8:10 PM February 27, 2013 mad125 said:

what you mean this ish is tight foreal
2:07 PM February 27, 2013 LouieV13 said:

Garbage! Even His Name Is Wack... Sounds Like A "Parody" Of MGK.