JokerCrazyBeatz - Quality Control (Instrumentals)

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5:21 AM October 17, 2013 nukejones said:

yo beats cold....
2:01 PM April 4, 2013 Icky81 said:

Niice Beats

"Ickyology" the mixtape- Google it!!
11:52 AM March 20, 2013 punchlinejr said:

joker mane make da beats longer u teasin a nikkah bt hit me uhp doe
1:04 AM March 3, 2013 djbenfrank89 said:

Maybe its short so yall can hit his twitter up so yall can buy beats instead of looking for free beats. I'm just saying.
11:03 PM March 2, 2013 mastamindatl said:

all his beats are f*ckin perfect tho.
11:00 PM March 2, 2013 mastamindatl said:

best beat maker imo and the creations he do is so supreme & btw these are way too short
9:15 AM March 2, 2013 gueroculero said:

These beats are too short that's that **** I don't like.
6:40 PM March 1, 2013 11roop2423 said:

yea cant wait joker go hard underated and dreayzah,mall beatz,d-train,dreas beats and mpc cartel