Rich The Kid - Been About The Benjamins

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10:30 AM August 9, 2016 kk6000 via Mobile:

Rich the kid way hotter than *****cat boi kodak
7:43 PM August 30, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

@bonafide38 cuz he's realer than the migos he just cant use their flow like they can. thats why.
4:43 PM April 18, 2014 Pockets1017 via Mobile:

Couple bandz
1:19 AM February 10, 2014 123yfw said:

5 Out of 19 songs without a feature
4:07 PM July 11, 2013 jrdani28 via Mobile:

Rich the kid up next he be goin in
1:10 AM June 7, 2013 bonafide38 said:

I dunno why the DJs trying to push this lame *** nigga so hard... he ain't the Migos or RHQ. Hell, he ain't even Que...
8:36 AM May 27, 2013 kareeyungkb634 said:

Hell yea this **** go in nigga get off my bro **** if u dont like the mixtape then dont listen to it
4:17 PM May 23, 2013 boyce1017 via Mobile:

#go #go