Jahan Lennon - Can't Ruin My Fun EP

From the name to the sound, it seems singer/producer Jahan Lennon may fancy himself as a bit of a revivalist- which is great news for everyone! Following up his psych rock collab with Diplo for "About That Life", Jahan Lennon gives us a brand new 3 song EP of carefree baggy / madchester influenced cuts. Along with its staple drumloop "Can't Ruin My Fun" produces vocal melodies u haven't heard since the "90s". The second track "Tell Me", sees Jahan digging up some old drum machines and a casio to create the soundtrack to a forgotten Steve Guttenberg romantic comedy. Diplo describes "Tell Me" as the "Indian Ace Of Bass" but we also hear a little MJ influence. The final track "Always" , is psychedelic folk pop at its best, co-written and produced by brother Shoaib Ali and childhood best friend Junior Fourth "after an intense DMT session". Clocks slowly melt around you while you listen to Jahan and your life is slowed down to half time. With these songs Jahan Lennon aims to reach the common ground between loop based baggy beats from bands like Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and a parallel scene known as "The Asian Underground" / "UK Massive" with a vocal style and delivery that is uniquely Jahan.

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11:02 AM March 4, 2013 tillamonsta said:

different.. original
8:17 PM March 3, 2013 zekazoid said:

NO WTF IS THIS ugh so ugly