Dizzy Davis - The Initiation

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11:47 PM July 29, 2013 DaytonaTanisha said:

Hey Dizzy :) You're Unbelievable! k Bye :) :) :)
8:53 PM July 27, 2013 susietheDoozie said:

Why Am I just now hearing this?!?! Keep being the Underdog! I love your music
4:17 PM July 1, 2013 Speightsbaby said:

Clevelanddd babyyyy
6:27 PM June 22, 2013 BigDannyD said:

Cleveland Slackin if they aint ****in wit dis nigga... cant wait to see the bandwagon fans when he start blowin up... BUT LET IT BE KNOWN DAT BIG DANNY D BEEN ****IN WID DIS NIGGA SINCE DAY 1..
6:32 PM May 31, 2013 Priceonyahead3 said:

Im bout to have dis **** blastin in the streets, fire my nigga Absolute fire
2:52 PM May 29, 2013 ReeseePie7 said:

I like that he can sing too.... Definitely going to blow.
1:15 PM April 30, 2013 SorryMsJohnson said:

aaahhhh! I Love it!!!
11:11 AM April 12, 2013 Rager19XX said:

I Like!!!!! I think I saw him open up for Chip once! Great Performance, cute too :^*