Moosh & Twist (OCD) - Back To The Basement

Spotted At DJ Booth

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10:53 AM September 4, 2018 JKjoKErz said:

All y'all shut the **** up about what he said.
6:06 PM December 16, 2013 Diondre18 said:

Lol you niggaz Stupid He Said "You aint heard what i did, Murder is what i did, everyone had a blast courtesy of the kid" he meant murdered the the club with his friends at his expense!!!
10:50 AM March 14, 2013 gursky said:

stopped listening after he said "murder this is what i did"
5:09 AM March 14, 2013 datziggidy said:

this is the fake *** ***** **** that gets u killed
6:56 PM March 13, 2013 cno2828 said:

dude said he did murder....naw
2:32 PM March 13, 2013 spicy_currie123 said: