CyHi The Prynce - Ivy League Kickback


NO DJ Version

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Original Mixtape: CyHi The Prynce - Ivy League Kickback

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8:24 PM March 20, 2019 derekciha via iOS App:

**** still slaps
11:37 PM January 14, 2017 jlowe405 via Mobile:

Swear to god ill punch a niggah dead in his tongue if he say me nd my nig wasnt hittin them liccs
1:44 AM August 22, 2015 NES_GOONLM said:

Still listening to this. Cyhi a beast ... One of the best mixtapes I've ever listened to.
7:47 PM November 8, 2013 lilcam777 via Mobile:

Nighas sleepin on th bro cyhi!!!! GOOD MUSIC literally!!! #UpScaleStreetNighaMusic
7:11 PM July 19, 2013 leeshels said:

Best mixtape I've heard this year...
2:10 PM July 4, 2013 paperstackz said:

dude always on point he need to go independent f*** G.O.O.D not a good look for Cy
5:44 PM July 3, 2013 3izzl3 via Mobile:

Jus started fukin wit dude he nice he gt a wordplay
8:01 AM June 16, 2013 mikeslay1214 via Mobile:

How is it no dj but it still has drops just like the dj version? Still **** with CyHi tho.