Magic - Fallen Soldier

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12:58 AM April 7, 2013 sc843 said:

damn r.i.p magic no limit
7:52 PM April 5, 2013 SneakyMuthaMonster said:

nice album
5:53 PM April 4, 2013 KING0506 said:

RIP Mr Magic! they shoulda put at least another 10 tracks on this mixtape.
12:56 PM April 4, 2013 BIG_WILL3000 said:

Its sad how master p didnt promote his album, then tried to re-use his songs on the 504 Boyz album.
7:22 AM April 4, 2013 NyoMouth said:

No Limit shoulda stayed together....all they jam....Stil jamming...Bet Dat...
8:39 PM April 3, 2013 Reginelli said:

So sad about Magic. I didnt even know about it til a week after it happened. RIP Mr. Magic.
7:11 PM April 3, 2013 Al_ said:

oh yea let me add the a town stomp lol
7:09 PM April 3, 2013 Al_ said:

r.i.p bro magic yea i remember you from back in the day this **** bangz still