Fella T - Sherm City Gotti World

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9:59 AM May 7, 2013 derekwoodie said:

My nigga aint playing wit that Fa Nothing,listen and learn
9:58 AM May 7, 2013 bettypineda said:

Random listen, I had to dl fella,he legit!
9:56 AM May 7, 2013 perezsally said:

dis sum fire
9:54 AM May 7, 2013 michaelharvey said:

The title is wack Sherm City Gotti World?/// but the production and tracks blazed
9:53 AM May 7, 2013 wilmagibson551 said:

Its a game" Im the best!!!-da game
9:51 AM May 7, 2013 samanthasosa said:

Casa Capone got on here n recked it.
9:49 AM May 7, 2013 jenniferleong422 said:

video was ill, keep on the grind fam
9:48 AM May 7, 2013 lorilopez said:

Fella T, you got this rocking. I never ****ed wit you before,but this was dope af