Lil Mal - Live From Shady Oaks 4


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6:22 AM June 7, 2014 trey557 said:

Press play and won't have to skip a track!!! Can you name another recent mixtape like that????
12:13 AM January 16, 2014 cameoparker said:

messing with it this go hard but im up next Atlanta GA ,Cameo Parker yall remember that
2:14 PM December 10, 2013 1YoungNort said:

This **** is extra! Support a great up and coming artist
11:56 PM November 11, 2013 Murphylee50 said:

been bangin mal since i heard him on one of the jokers songs but THIS. THIS is ****ing good i need to give it a +100
10:23 AM October 19, 2013 bigG3415 said:

Ben fcking with Mal since day 1 so if he make it i make it because i seen the struggle.
4:49 PM September 28, 2013 Kjkettle said:

****in wit lil mal but this aint the banger i thought it would be
11:52 PM September 15, 2013 og_rod212 via Mobile:

This **** raw
6:31 PM September 12, 2013 chrizzycrack via Mobile:

This **** is fye. Y'all sleeping on brody