Smoke DZA & 183rd - Ringside (EP)

Being that today is Wrestlemania, the holiest day of all things wrestling, (that I'm currently attending right now) I felt inspired again to treat my fans and fellow wrestling junkies alike to a new EP for you guys to digest in between all the commotion! The project is entirely produced by 183rd fellow R.F.C member, in-house producer/beatdown specialist sit back and enjoy #Ringside


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12:10 AM April 15, 2019 ShotgunBilly via Android App:

Y2KushedGod my favorite track for sure 🔥
11:35 PM January 15, 2019 ShotgunBilly via Android App:

Y2KushedGod is my favorite track fr
9:12 PM March 31, 2015 djchopstix via Mobile:

Mobbed thru yo spot uninvited like animals - wolf pack
2:54 PM July 3, 2013 thablackkingpen said:

Fukin A!
1:17 PM June 3, 2013 richroyal09 via Mobile:

Okay I ****s wit number 4 now after hearing it a few times it grew on me plus Razor Ramon was dope
7:01 AM June 3, 2013 99djeezy via Mobile:

I like the idea of a WM-Themed EP; but if you are going to do one, you are going to need a better producer.
5:04 PM May 4, 2013 lemonade13 said:

this **** cold as hell
1:17 AM April 28, 2013 skratch said:

The hollywood smoke hogan was hard

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