Mr. Carmack - Birth Control/Hopscotch

French horn, piano, drums, percussion, trumpet, bass, ukulele, guitar, melodica. Ableton, reason, protools, garageband, audacity, audition, max/msp. House, drum and bass, hip hop, trap, electro, complextro, progressive, backpack, bass, funk, synthpop, jazz, classical. Produce, mix, master, compose, arrange, edit, consult, review, and just be a fan. my life is music, and my work is reflective of my passion. i do not represent anyone, anything, or anyplace but myself. while you reach God, I will reach true understanding and knowledge through experience. neither are attainable, but hey, its the best i got.

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5:59 PM April 14, 2013 MadNote808 said:

12:22 PM April 14, 2013 sodaman421 said:

One of the best producers in the game