H1GH - Typical life EP

From Saratov Russia, 20-year-old rapper H1GH lets out EP completely under music STORM PRODUCTION. All "Typical life" life, as match. Not only because will quickly burn through but also because it will serve in the quite good way to keep in this heavy world. - H1GH

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12:58 PM April 25, 2013 gogataman said:

Sounds nothing like MGK
2:48 AM April 21, 2013 BOY420 said:

MGK in Russian
2:06 PM April 20, 2013 hertek_virj said:

1:51 AM April 20, 2013 anasnack said:

it is similar at Machine Gun Kelly Lace Up
1:47 AM April 20, 2013 ananth56 said:

I don't understand about what it
But sound good
1:36 AM April 20, 2013 anandraj said:

omfg russian mgk
1:29 AM April 20, 2013 globo314 said:

I used to speak Russian in high school.... don't remember much but this kids got a good flow for a Russian. Thumbs the **** up!
1:23 AM April 20, 2013 globo314 said:

Ya Lu Blu Ya Lu Blu!