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"I feel like the rap world is the forum where I can express myself, tell my story, drop jewels and talk my shit. This is an introduction for most and to some, a continuation of me being me: thoro, witty and crass. And I also get to represent a new generation of young Canadians who aren't afraid to let you know where they're from. This ain't a balling ass, trapping ass, shoot em up record though it may contain elements of that from my perspective. All these niggas dropping music for the financially rich. This music is for the spiritually rich. I recorded most of this album in Toronto, at my crib, in my boxers and under the influence. Which means it's personal. So you know, I probably dragged some songs out too long. Meh. Might have too many beat switches. I don't care. Too many tracks? That's cool. Fuck, I don't like 2 minute songs and formulas. We'll I like 'em but I don't make 'em so enjoy this long ass 19-track project. This is a passion project. It just so happens to be the first album. I made it free because I love you. Oh, and I dedicate this album and especially the track 'My City' to Boston and every city experiencing mass tragedies. Bless."

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5:31 PM August 5, 2013 NeedPromotions said:

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1:50 AM June 26, 2013 TrueKingdomENT said:

why they won't set P. Emery dope **** tape free. DYAM
10:50 PM May 19, 2013 75snyder said:

good lyrically and has a good style to the music and the way it flows keep climbin to the top
4:09 PM May 19, 2013 FAB1838 said:

dope mixtape gave it a chance didnt let me down
5:12 AM May 19, 2013 BLAKESWAZE said:

Worth the download
2:01 PM May 15, 2013 honeyberry said:

8:33 AM May 15, 2013 tejay720 said:

@zd3finition he didn't re-release the it livemixtapes did felt it was slept on the first they do it all the time
4:45 AM May 15, 2013 GBpackman07 said:

reminds me of yung buck when he was com in up, i swear this has been released already tho, passed it over the first time, might download it this time

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