Lore'l - Billboard Bytch

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3:46 PM June 3, 2013 judizzle21 said:

Love her style, and her lyrics & she's beautiful. She got it, just gotta get signed to the right label thats not gonna make her go mainstream. Keep her flow the way it is. Dope mixtape
12:55 PM May 25, 2013 LilAntdamob said:

Just When You Thought Female Rappers Was Dying & LORE'l Comes Through Hit Us With This Mixtape You'll Have A Change Of Mind Ha Believe Dat Then She Got My Nigga Vado ****in Wit Her.
3:21 PM May 4, 2013 Flowers3187 said:

Pleasantly surprised...she got it
4:24 PM April 25, 2013 KONKER via Mobile:

This How We do it&Don't F*ck wit Me Go Hard &she comin fa Nicki Minaj Na but iknow My Wifey L would killa No problems #kachius K
7:10 PM April 20, 2013 blak4dmd said:

good **** rite here
4:34 PM April 20, 2013 mell850 said:

Im feeling her lyrics
9:32 AM April 18, 2013 KingMain256 said:

@LuvHarlem I see it as well she jus seem like she's rappin somebody else lyrics cuz her words don't match her but she fine as hell tho
9:09 AM April 18, 2013 londonkeyatta said:

Lore'l is so dope why people so sleep on her